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Scientific escort or air ambulance: which diligent transport option to prefer?

  • Customers just after any sort of accident: An accident abroad often means that your capabilities and mobility are limited. Not only do these travelers need supervision, but they also need the assistance of our medical escort to fly safely.
  • Malignant tumors and you may Chemotheraphy people: Depending on the stage of the disease, a lot of cancers patients are able to fly commercially. However, despite the fact that they are stable, they might need constant supervision and care. Not only are they weaker and more fragile, but their mental health is also at risk. Cancer patients often experience additional stress, anxiety and even depression and are more dependent on others.

Scientific escort immediately after procedures

Medical experts, including ours who are trained in the field of aeromedical services, always recommend vacationing with a medical escort once businesses. The after-effects of surgery are many and these can be further exacerbated by the act of flying.

Besides the common side effects of surgery, such as weakness, nausea, vomiting and pain, those about to fly also are vulnerable to Strong Vein Thrombosis (DVT). This is a blood clot that might occur in the deep veins of your legs and might travel to other parts of the body, causing further complications. After a surgery, the patient is more prone to blood clots occuring, implying they need further medical assistance or care.

Traveling with a medical escort just after operations will mean that your quality of life is in more efficient hand, decreasing the risk of a deterioration and making the journey a more comfortable and safe experience.

Our medical escorts will provide you with the care that you necessitate after surgery during the flight and will also manage https://orhidi.com/en/s/models/fr-metropolitan-france/marseille your condition so that you don’t create article-medical difficulties mid-heavens or a great DVT which might lead to pulmonary embolism, a potentially fatal issue.

Our medical escort service is not the only patient transport option available if you need to safely travel domestically or overseas with a medical condition. At Medical Air Service, we can also transportation patients for the air ambulances. Our air ambulances come in the form of private jets or helicopters.

Air Ambulance Helicopters are mostly reserved for short distances since their range is quite limited. Nonetheless, the possibilities are endless with an air ambulance. So which option to choose when planning to travel?

Scientific escort vs air ambulance

Both the commercial air medical escort service and air ambulances have their own set of benefits. In many cases, the new discrepancy on price of both of these medical journey features ‘s the definitive foundation when making a choice.

Nonetheless, the past decision utilizes this new patient’s standing and you may necessity. Patients needing intensive care and needing a quicker patient transport option are usually required to travel via an air ambulance jet.

If you don’t, if the diligent is in a constant updates, traveling with a medical escort to your a commercial airliner was most useful.

Our aviation masters are likely to advise you into right patient transport choice for your centered on the health issue and situation. They will assess the situation after a consultation session with you or one of your family members and advise you accordingly.

Integration medical journey: commercial air line scientific escort + heavens ambulance

Whenever scheduling your own medical journey with Scientific Air Provider, you may enjoy some masters. One of those would be the fact we can entirely personalize your own scientific journey, that can function that have a combination journey.

What’s a combination medical airline?

A combination medical flight is one that involves two types of air patient transport services within the same journey. This means that you to foot of your own excursion you certainly can do with the heavens ambulance and other the main travel are going to be through with a medical escort on a commercial airliner.

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